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Exit Strategy

  If the startup you’re investing in doesn’t have an exit strategy–why would you invest?   This isn’t a theoretical question.    Seriously, why would you invest in an equity crowdfunding venture if no exit strategy is in place?   Here at VIC, we think you shouldn’t. Or, at least you should have a crystal clear reason WHY the startup you want to invest in doesn’t have an exit strategy.   Let’s go back to

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Invest like a Duchess

In 2020, we were faced with the ongoing climate crisis in addition to the global COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, interest in investing sustainably has surged.  So what does it mean to invest sustainably? Sustainable investing refers to investing in companies that consider environmental, social, and corporate governance criteria to generate long-term monetary returns and positive societal impact. Investing sustainably is crucial because it supports and accelerates eco-friendly businesses.  According to the US SIF’s 2020

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Will 2021 be a year with no meat?

A whole lot happened in 2020. Festivals ceased to exist, schools closed down, dining rooms became conference rooms, and people binged all that streaming services had to offer. People joined together (6 feet apart) to show support for local heroes, they sang on their balconies, and artists put together virtual shows to help people through this tough time. But do you know what did not happen? An increase in meat sales. Meat processing plants and

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Impact investing for Vegans

Thanks to millennials, there is an overwhelming push to invest responsibly. Impact investing can be defined as investing in companies that “do well by doing good”. Sound familiar? We talk about this concept here at VIC! What we’re saying, however, is that you need to think critically about the companies that will make the world better (however you define better).   You better think critically! Research the vegan companies you are interested in! It’s not

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Equity crowdfunding isn’t a pipe dream

Equity crowdfunding isn’t a pipe dream. The International Banker, an authoritative analysis on international banking, wrote that it was “one of the decade’s success stories”. Equity crowdfunding expanded access to capital by allowing non-accredited investors to invest in startups they believed in. When entrepreneurs struggled to fund their dreams and venture capitalists repeatedly overlooked viable businesses, equity crowdfunding emerged on the scene.   Community-minded investing has already been considered “highly successful” in its infancy, according

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If retirement exists in this new economy, you’ll have to do things differently than Gam Gam did

Investing in the vegan economy might be the best move you could make for your future self. The low-interest rates in place are sticking around, and you’ll want your money to work for you now so you can retire and relax.  As we always say, plan long-term. You have to account for inflation as you build your retirement portfolio. Investment officers are saying you might have to assume more risk now or risk having a

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