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It’s a free-to-join community where Vegans come together to learn from each other about early-stage investing and get notified about opportunities to invest starting at $100 in promising Vegan companies. The goal is to accelerate the Vegan economy, and do well by doing good.

It was started by Mark Perlmutter, a Vegan entrepreneur who finished a career in the investment industry and used his experience to start a Vegan company. He made a 5-year plan to scale and go public, and saw it as a model for other Vegan entrepreneurs to replicate for their own companies. After consulting former Wall Street colleagues on the best way to fund his startup to go IPO, he found no clear path like the one that Silicon Valley technology startups follow.


To solve this he took his vision to eight Vegan leaders and influencers for help. And poof ….. this Club was born. By the time it launched on July 15, 2020, it had grown from solving the need of one Vegan entrepreneur, into a site designed to serve hundreds of Vegan entrepreneurs over the coming decades. The goal is bringing together tens of thousands of Vegans to advance the Vegan economy by each investing small amounts in promising startups.

Everyone involved shares this mission: “to make the world more Vegan by growing the Vegan economy.” This plan applies best practices from the mainstream investment world in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Allow a limited number of Early Bird members to join to test the system. 
  • Phase 2: Complete one or two test companies to make sure all parties are well served.
  • Phase 3: Once proven, each year add one hundred or more Vegan companies and tens of thousands of members to expand the vegan economy.

A success in one phase leads to the next.

In Phase 1, members will learn what experts look for before investing in early-stage Vegan startups. 

Help us grow this movement by sharing VIC with your friends.

Join for free during the early bird period. Learn on moderated facebook discussions how to align your savings with your values to begin expanding the Vegan economy. Also hear experiences shared by members who have already invested in Vegan companies. 

As an Early Bird member you’ll receive alerts of Vegan startups beginning with the first test in Phase 2. If there are discounts available you’ll be told.

No. Investments are not made on this site. VIC simply notifies members as soon as a Vegan company announces it is doing an offering and if there are early bird specials. The first notification will be in Phase 2 as soon as membership reaches critical mass. To see investment details you will be directed to the Crowdfund Portal or broker-dealer where the offering is hosted — these sites are both regulated by the SEC and that is where you will make your investment.

In Phase 3, after successful testing in Phase 2, the number of companies and members will rapidly increase. All companies using the Club must show a potential for a multiple return on investment to investors with a defined exit strategy in 3 – 5 years. These opportunities are not usually shown to the general public — but under new laws this is allowed. Some day soon tens of thousands of small investors may connect with hundreds of scalable Vegan companies through this notification site.

Naturally, the member discussion on the Club’s facebook group may include public Vegan companies as well as private ones. But our club’s principal focus besides self-education, is alerting members to early bird discounts in private Vegan startups that have a plan to grow fast and become a public company.


Finding the next “Beyond Meat” and investing before it goes public can be lucrative. But it requires access to early stage deals. New laws allow every American to view opportunities previously reserved for about 2% of us. Our club is the result of years of questioning by Vegan leaders: what’s needed to accelerate the Vegan economy? It’s a beginning and will continue evolving to help Vegans invest in more Vegan opportunities.

Member engagement is encouraged & necessary for best learning. Please share & participate! Everyone welcomes relevant questions and answers from other Vegans. There are no wrong questions. And if you have a private question don’t hesitate to email us at or use the contact form on this website.

No. We are not regulated by the SEC. We notify members as soon as Vegan offerings are posted on SEC regulated sites to accelerate the Vegan economy. No transactions take place on our club’s site. As such we are not regulated by the SEC.

For the time being, the only way your company can participate is in Phase 3. Stay tuned! Until then you can browse for relevant information to plan your offering. Request an outline of the 5 year funding plan recommended by our Advisors. It’s suitable for scalable companies and culminates in an IPO or acquisition letting early investors exit along with founders.


In the near future, we hope to have an array of helpful resources available for all kinds of Vegan companies.

Some companies and Portals offer Bonus shares as incentives for Early Bird investors. You will be notified of these opportunities on a deal by deal basis.

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