Vegan Investing Club is a free online Club where Vegans learn from each other about investing in Vegan startups and get notified about Crowdfund opportunities to invest starting at $100 in promising Vegan companies. The goal is to accelerate the Vegan economy and do well by doing good.

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About Us

The Vegan Investing Club was started by Mark Perlmutter, who after finishing a career in the investment industry started a Vegan consumer company to help the world. He consulted Wall Street friends on the best way to fund his startup from seed through IPO, but found no established path for Vegan companies. In Silicon Valley technology startups have angel groups and venture capitalists, but Vegan companies have neither.

So with feedback from eight Vegan leaders he developed a scalable 5-year plan using the power of the crowd with new Crowdfunding laws and culminating in an IPO as the exit. Colleagues recognized if this template could work for Mark’s Vegan company, it could also work for others to accelerate the Vegan economy. And poof ….. the idea for the Club was born.

Since inception on July 15, 2020, the Club grew from a solution for one Vegan entrepreneur, into a community for tens of thousands of plant-based fans to invest with their values. The new Crowdfunding laws allow anyone to invest small amounts in startups and members diversify for safety. Everyone involved shares the mission to "make the world more Vegan by growing the Vegan economy”.

What are the 3 Phases of this Club?

  • Phase 1: A critical mass of members join before the first Vegan Crowdfund company.

  • Phase 2: The first company to use the Club template is announced to members and demonstrates that all parties are well served.

  • Phase 3: After a success, the Club unites millions of Vegan customers with Vegan companies they love each month to accelerate the Vegan economy.

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“I’m really excited about finding ways for people that have money to invest in righteous causes. I think it’s brilliant.”

"I'm super excited about the Vegan Investing Club because I wanna support Vegan businesses and I want to see them thrive. To invest in a Vegan startup that has a mission of sustainability, health consciousness, or more compassionate living is where I want to put my money."

— Eric Brent Founder and CEO of HappyCow

"It’s wonderful to back a company you love and feel like part of the solution.”