Ready To Amplify Your Impact For Animals?

Join this ambassador program to increase the difference you make.

When you tell others about Vegan Investing Club, you save animals in two big ways:


For every new member you invite, we’ll donate to an animal sanctuary of your choice. You can also choose to keep the money to yourself.


As members grow, more vegan startups will raise money from our Club. This saves millions of animals from going into the food chain.


Everytime you invite … we donate.

Keep inviting and we’ll keep donating.

Don’t procrastinate. Take these three easy steps to begin:

  1. On our site choose the animal you wish to sponsor from pics and stories provided by our sanctuary partners.

Download pics of your rescued animal and other digital assets to begin promoting the club. Tell everyone. You don’t have to be vegan to invest in the future.

Visit your dashboard often. You’ll see the difference you’re making as your ticker grows showing the number of members who joined because of you. Also see how many meals and how much money you’ve raised for your rescued animal. During the year read updates about your animal from the sanctuary.

You can choose to either keep the money to yourself or donate it to an animal charity of your choice.

A mighty ocean contains many drops. Imagine a million vegans acting together changing our world.

"Be the change you wish to see."

Our free Club accelerates the vegan economy. We announce exciting vegan companies that are raising funds. These companies use Crowdfunding and allow investors to start with $100. That way members can build their own vegan retirement portfolio by investing in ten to 20 companies per year.


“Imagine a million advocates investing small amounts in vegan startups … each month … each year … worldwide.     Acting together, we can accelerate the vegan economy.”

Join Us

Join other conscious Ambassadors who are sponsoring animals on a sanctuary.


Invite your audience to join our Club of 20,000 and growing, united to accelerate the vegan economy.


When members join we send money in your name to care for your sponsored animal.

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Ready To Make a Positive Impact?

Our Club is a community of people that live to make a difference.

Our Club empowers everyday people to invest in young vegan startups

As an ambassador, you’ll have a crucial role in forwarding our Club’s mission to bring early-stage investing to vegan advocates everywhere. Our Club members are everyday people and we tell them when an exciting vegan Crowdfunding investment become available. In this way everyone has a chance to profit by investing in what they believe in.  Anyone is allowed to invest starting at $100.

Build the vegan economy

Influence other vegans to align their money with their values. Vegan startups need funding to fuel their world-changing work. By gathering together thousands of changemakers to act in unison through Crowdfunding, overtime we will help hundreds of vegan companies scale. 

Get profits for supporting the vegan movement

Ambassadors get paid proportionally for the number of members they bring into the community. You’ll receive $50 USD for every 100 subscribers*. This is better than an affiliate program because you earn by getting people to subscribe for free — they don’t have to make any purchases or make an investment, only join our community.

Join us in building a better future for all living beings

*We count as a subscriber everyone that registers for free on our website and clicks the link on the confirmation email we send them afterwards

Meet Our Ambassadors

Frequently Asked Questions

Ambassadors refer to animal advocates who want to improve the world by investing in the Vegan Investing Club. All you have to do is share your link with your audience and you’ll receive the money automatically for each new 100 subscribers.

Sign up to the program here. We will review your application and approve it if you meet the qualifying criteria.

We count as a subscriber everyone that registers for free on our website and clicks the link on the confirmation email we send them afterwards (double opt-ins).

You earn $50 USD for each new 100 subscribers you refer to us. You will have access to the ambassador portal, where you will be able to track how many people have clicked your link but hasn’t subscribed, and how many people have subscribed, both double opt-in and single opt-in.

Click here to check out the program agreement and here for the program policies.