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Words Matter

Big legal news! Minneapolis-based Vegan shop called ‘The Herbivorous Butcher’ is helping Vegan meat producers all over America.  In 2017, THB attempted to trademark the term ‘Vegan Butcher’ with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Unfortunately for them, their request was denied. However, major corporation Nestlé tried to follow in their footsteps just two years later in 2019. After acquiring the brand Sweet Earth Foods, Nestlé started producing deli slices with the phase ‘The

Read More », Justin Bieber, and Snoop Dogg Invest in Veganism of the Black Eyed Peas started his Vegan journey in 2017 in an attempt to lower his cholesterol and avoid diabetes, which runs in his family. Now, nearly four years later, he says Veganism changed his life.  He believes in Veganism so much that he recently began investing in Vegan companies! Last year, he invested in VAAY, a Vegan CBD company based in Germany. The brand offers a variety of products, including CBD-infused bath

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Super Bowl LV proved what we’ve been saying all along

 Invest in Vegan.  Investors can be defined simply as those over 18 with a credit card. It’s that easy now if you invest the equity crowdfunding way! It also helps to have a plan for what to invest in. If you’re vegan or vegan-leaning, investing options have been…limited. But, we’ve been telling you all along that the tide is turning in favor of all things Vegan. We’ve written articles about our predictions too, so be

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Why Does Investing Matter

For (most) people, investing is a scary concept. Putting money into ‘stocks’ can be confusing and overwhelming. These are intangible items that have been known to make people millionaires, cost them their livelihood, or fall somewhere in between. Only 54% of Americans currently own stock. So do not feel alone if you are a part of that 46%!  Investing is important in our economy.  By investing in a company you are basically saying, “Hey! I

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How Can Young Vegan Startups Make their Way to the Top?

Starting a food business is hard, but starting a plant-based food business is even harder. Most food businesses have a lot to deal with when first starting. In order to keep costs to customers low, they must buy in bulk. However, that means they must have the funds to buy such large quantities. Then they need to be able to sell food that uses those ingredients before they spoil. In order to do that, they

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