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If retirement exists in this new economy, you’ll have to do things differently than Gam Gam did

Investing in the vegan economy might be the best move you could make for your future self. The low-interest rates in place are sticking around, and you’ll want your money to work for you now so you can retire and relax.  As we always say, plan long-term. You have to account for inflation as you build your retirement portfolio. Investment officers are saying you might have to assume more risk now or risk having a

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Why did this professional investor start an Angel Group and a Venture Fund?

In this interview I speak with a leader in the plant-based movement about founding both and Alicia founded an Angel Group to find, support, and invest in early-stage scalable companies, which contribute to a more sustainable and compassionate world.  Feel free to watch the video interview or read the text interview below. Mark (VegReady CEO): Why don’t you start by giving us a little update on what you’ve been up to and what you’re working on?

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Tips on Raising Funds as a Vegan Startup

So, you think you have the next big idea that will revolutionize the vegan market and even attract crossover customers? Awesome! But, without a minimum of funding, even the best ideas struggle to get off the ground. So, how do you find investors and successfully become the next household brand name? Let’s talk about some key tips to get you on the right track.   1) Build your network   If you’re new to the

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Why Invest in Vegan Companies?

Why it’s important to invest in vegan companies   Vegans tend to be conscious of the many injustices happening throughout the world, and it’s easy to become discouraged when we realize just how much change is needed to create a truly compassionate planet for all beings. By not consuming animals, we are, of course, making a real difference, but by investing in vegan companies, we can extend our impact even further.   As an individual,

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The Pros and Cons of Equity Crowdfunding as a Startup

The concept of equity crowdfunding, or even Kickstarter-type rewards-based funding, may sound like an ideal solution to your financing needs. Create an appealing marketing video, conjure up some statistics, and watch the money come flowing in. But alas, nothing worthwhile is that simple. So, before deciding whether equity crowdfunding is right for your startup, take a look at these pros and cons.   Pros:   1) Attract people who believe in your mission   The

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