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The Pros and Cons of Equity Crowdfunding as a Startup

The concept of equity crowdfunding, or even Kickstarter-type rewards-based funding, may sound like an ideal solution to your financing needs. Create an appealing marketing video, conjure up some statistics, and watch the money come flowing in. But alas, nothing worthwhile is that simple. So, before deciding whether equity crowdfunding is right for your startup, take a look at these pros and cons.   Pros:   1) Attract people who believe in your mission   The

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What is Equity Crowdfunding?

By now most of us have heard of Kickstarter type crowdfunding where companies collect money from many people online in exchange for a future product or for rewards. By contrast Equity Crowdfunding collects money from many people online, but in this case the people get shares of ownership in the company.   Equity crowdfunding is still relatively new   In 2016, the Crowdfunding law went into effect allowing every American to invest small amounts in

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6 Ways to Own A Piece of the Vegan Economy

While this club’s main focus is small public offerings and equity Crowdfunding, there’s of course more than one way small investors can own a piece of the Vegan economy, and we’ll be sharing some of these with you today!   We’ll outline some of the ways to own shares in your favorite Vegan businesses, and touch on pros and cons of each. 1. Start your own company.   While this is not traditional ‘investing’, it

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Founder of Vegan Fine Foods standing in front of his store

How I invested in Vegan Fine Foods

Earlier this year I invested in Vegan Fine Foods through their Equity Crowdfunding campaign on the Wefunder Portal I know some of us have decided to invest in Vegan companies for ethical reasons, to help push Vegan businesses forward so that they can overtake their non-Vegan competitors. It’s my dream to one day walk down the street and walk into any restaurant knowing that they will be 100% Vegan. At the same time, when I

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Colorful display of Allplants company meal packages

Why I invested $395 in a Vegan startup

  This past February I invested $395 in the UK Vegan startup, allplants, Ltd, posted on the Seedrs Portal. Some of my U.S. friends tried to invest as well, but this offering was not open to Americans.   It was my first time contributing to an equity Crowdfund campaign or investing in a Vegan company! I’d never actually tasted their meals (and I still haven’t!), but their vision resonated with me, and their success as

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