Exit Strategy

  If the startup you’re investing in doesn’t have an exit strategy–why would you invest?   This isn’t a theoretical question.    Seriously, why would you invest in an equity crowdfunding venture if no exit strategy is in place?   Here at VIC, we think you shouldn’t. Or, at least you should have a crystal clear reason WHY the startup you want to invest in doesn’t have an exit strategy.   Let’s go back to defining an exit strategy. Exit strategy: a startup’s strategy to sell their ownership back to their investors. The only way for equity investors to see a return on their money is if a solid exit strategy is in place. Equity is not a loan but rather a stock, and stocks need to go IPO, be sold, or merge for real money to be circulated back to the investor   Vegans are rightfully sceptical of corporate interests.    “They’re the reason we’re in this predicament after all!”, exclaimed the vegan activist.    Agreed. Yet, investors who make a return on their money know that corporate interests currently are hording the economic power. So, to make things fair, they recommend investing in vegan certified startups, whose visions align with yours, and watching which corporate interests take note of that company. For example, investing in Gardein, a major line of meat-free foods which is highly accessible at most U.S. coastal grocery stores, would have been smart because ConAgra Foods Inc took notice of their (Vegan) impact in 2018 and bought the company! The same thing happened with Earth Balance, the go-to vegan butter for most vegan food bloggers.    Gardein and Earth Balance had an exit strategy: acquisition by a larger company.     Have you heard of Natural Order Acquisitions? It’s okay if you haven’t! We bring them up because they were the first vegan special purpose acquisition company in history.They were very, very direct with their exit strategy: IPO. They went public on October 13, 2020.    Does your fav vegan startup have one?   If not, reconsider your investment and seek out a vegan offering that has a clear strategy to make a BIG impact in the world while also getting you a return on your money.    We’ll be making our very first offering soon. It’ll have an exit strategy, you can bet on that!   Truthfully,  VIC  

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